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Tellington TTouch Training
Animal Profile Form - Dogs

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your interest in bringing your dog to the TTouch training. Please fill in the profile form below. If you wish, you may also print out this form and either mail or fax it to the TTouch office. The Instructor will review all the forms to ensure that all dogs attending are suitable for the training. We do want to be able to accommodate as many of your dogs as we can but certain factors may limit the number or type of dogs we can accept, such as the combination of dogs attending the session, the presence of other species, and the space and resources of the venue.

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Your dog does not need to have difficulties in order for you to consider bringing him/her to the training. We really enjoy having a variety of dogs and they are appreciated for the different experiences they provide.

Our focus is to teach you TTouch skills and during that process we often see many wonderful changes in dogs with a wide variety of difficulties. TTouch has been proven to be particularly successful with issues of timidity, fear and unwanted aggression. To be effective in that process means establishing a positive environment in which all participants - human and canine - can feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

In order to maximize the TTouch experience for all participants, two- and four-legged, we ask you to agree to the guidelines listed below. If you have any questions about the suitability of your animal, please contact the Instructor so that you can discuss the situation together. Similarly, if after checking the profile form, and reviewing the combination of animals, the Instructor has questions about your dog, she will get in touch with you. You may both decide that you will learn more if you come alone without your animal (or bring a different one) and can focus on skills to work with later at home.

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Please fill in the profile form below. Bold items are required. If you do not see "Thank you" and "Success!" messages after submitting the form, please scroll down to review the form and be sure all required items have been filled in.

Special Note!
Online submittal of the Profile Form for Dogs is currently unavailable. Please print out this form and either mail or fax it to the TTouch office. Thank you.

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